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Photography started as a passion when I was very young and it was about capturing life as it happened in front of me. Shooting weddings is very similar.   To be flexible, to see not only our vision, but yours as well.  Using both photography to capture those still moments and video to capture the live moments, I believe I have found the perfect combinations to make couples memories last forever. This passion and drive is what made me start our Orlando base photography and video company in 2005. Are you ready to let us start your journey in life…


The events of your day should be captured as their happening from a very candid approach. Shooting multiple styles gives you the edge and eclectic nature of photography. For example, family photos will generally be your most traditional. Giving instruction and direction of course should not be misconstrued as it not being candid. In all my years, I’ve never had a couple tell me “don’t worry Edmund we’ve got this you just shoot”. LOL yes, I will give you direction in a way that will allow the pictures to look fun and natural. And then there is illustrative or artistic poses that are peppered throughout. Sometimes these are during the getting ready time or even during our formal session during cocktail hour.

Undoubtedly the day will flyby and for that reason I will spend time with you reviewing timelines as well as photography related details so we maximize the photography for your special day.


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