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A beautiful Fall wedding for Bonnie and Hayden at Paradise Cove!

Everyone knows that in Florida its always a risk having an outdoor wedding, but Hayden and Bonnie had a perfect wedding day! The beautiful Fall wedding theme was matched with beautiful weather.

Bonnie and Hayden both choose different bouquets that matched their personalities and the fall colors. Their bridesmaids had matching bouquets as well. The brides had their own style gowns that fit them perfectly. Even with all the differences in their choices everything blended so well. With the love of their parents, families and friends, Bonnie and Hayden were married! It's always amazing to me how each wedding starts with just an idea and ends up looking so amazing because of love! The draping and chandeliers transformed the beach venue into an elegant evening. The night ended with a fantastic fireworks display on Lake Bryan! A perfect ending for a wonderful day!


Special Effects: Orlando Special FX

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