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Cindy and Alfred's Elegant Bella Collina Wedding

Beautiful Bella Collina wedding in the bell tower courtyard with our couple walking up the back staircase.

Bella Collina is home to many events we work. From corporate events to shooting wedding photography, this place has become one of our favorite venues. Cindy and Alfred invited us back out to shoot their wedding photos and video on a beautiful day. The wedding took place on the lawn, and the architecture served as our backdrop. Not only is the perfect venue important for a wedding, but the dress has to be on point as well. Cindy looked stunning with hers designed by Justin Alexander, and it shows in the photos below. No bridal party this time around, instead the couple stood with flower arrangements made by Vangie de la Concha. Vangie is well versed in the industry, seeing as she played both coordinator and florist for Cindy and Alfred. We would steal the couple away to capture more wedding photos all over the property. The bell tower and the bridge have some of our best shots of the day. Finally, we steer towards the last part of the night where Cindy and Alfred would enjoy cake from Morgan Hunter Desserts and dance with family and friends. DJ Gary White provided the music, and carried the party for the rest of the night. We couldn't end the night without capturing the sparkler exit. Cindy and Alfred began their day with a smile and ended it with a bigger one.

Bride and groom having their first look together before reading vows in the bell tower courtyard at the beautiful Bella Collina in Central Florida.
Bride and groom taking a private moment to read vows before their big day begins. Photography and video were capturing everything at Bella Collina weddings.
A tearful moment as the groom reads a letter from the bride in the moments leading up to the ceremony at Bella Collina weddings.
The groom stands at the front of the ceremony site in his tuxedo looking on as the bride walks down the aisle to meet him to be married.
Dad bringing his daughter down the aisle at the beautiful Bella Collina where their ceremony was.
A touching look at the prodding room are getting married on the grand lawn out the back of the Bella Collina venue in Montverde FL..
Wedding ceremony at Bella Collina in Central Florida
Writing room having their first kiss in their ceremony while their guests applaud at the beautiful Bella Collina and Central Florida.
One of the amazing key locations are a beautiful couple photo is the bridge leading onto the property at Bella Collina and Montverde Florida
Underneath the bridge at a private doorway is this beautiful photo with our couple is Rhodes studios captures the photography and video at Bella Collina Florida.
As the guests watch our couple capturing the cake cutting ceremony. The cake provided by Morgan Hunter desserts.
The famous grand entrance at Bella Collina sparklers leading out to the valet area in the front of the country club.
Just married! Departing Bella Collina after a full beautiful wedding day experience congratulations to our couple!


Event Coordinator - Vangies Events (

Cake - Morgan Hunter Desserts (

Photography and Video - Rhodes Studios (


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