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Beautiful intimate wedding after all!

Rachel and Erik had a lavish wedding planned for the end of March and had to reschedule everything due to the pandemic. Not wanting to wait to be married they decided to have an intimate anyway! The date was important to them as well as being husband and wife so they stated to plan a more intimate wedding on the lake at her grandmothers home on a in Maitland, FL. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining! The bride choose to wear a different dress then the gown she will wear next year and the groom wore a very nice suit to complement the more causal day. With her wonderful floral company she choose onboard to assist that day, they had their wedding. It might not have been exactly what they thought their day would be but the couple was all smiles as were their 10 guests. They found a way to make the day work and with a support and love from their family the day was just perfect!

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