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Engagement Shoot on the Boardwalk

Nice change of pace as we were brought on for Nicole and Nicholas' engagement shoot on the Disney Boardwalk. Their wedding is set for next March, but they were ready to get some photos to show off for everyone. This is also, property of the happiest place on Earth so Nicole and Nicholas wore big smiles on their faces. All-natural lighting thankfully from a clear day in Orlando, made it so we could enjoy all the outdoor spots during the engagement shoot. Disney Boardwalk served as a giant playground all day. Carnival games area to the small beach area where you can feel your feet in the sand, we made sure to cover it all in the photos. At night the boardwalk still remains well lit, with all the lights from the buildings. Reflecting off the water, but market lights shined down on the couple in our last few photos of the day.

We are extremely excited to shoot their wedding coming up in a few months. Nicole and Nicholas brought tons of energy to this engagement shoot, this can only mean more to come when their actual ceremony rolls around. Big thank you to the couple Nicole and Nicholas, can't wait to see you next year!


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